As of today at 1pm, the Department has received 54 completed applications with payments to the YCLE academy being held from July 9 to 14 at the Virginia State Police Academy in Midlothian (Richmond). On the date that each completed and paid application is received at Department HQ, an informational packet is sent to each prospective cadet. Instructions in the packet advise them to pull out the pledge and confirmation form, sign it and mail it back to Department of Virginia HQ ASAP.. This signed form is their pledge to us that they will attend. As of this date, only 12 of those confirmation forms have been returned:

Hardison Post 49, Roou Post 130, Given Post 75, Trist Post 75, Comer P8, Notgrass Post 290, Villafuerte Post 290, Wilbur Post 290, Sine Post 22, Phelps Post 104, Gordon Post 162, and Cone Post 1776. 

If any of your candidates are not one of these 12, please follow up with them now and get them to either send them in to HQ or let you know what their intentions are and please advise me by reply. As always, our goal is to have zero (0) no shows on Sunday, July 9 and a full roster of attendees. Thank you in advance for supporting this American Legion program and for all you do everyday for veterans, your community and its young people.

For God and Country,

Bill Feasenmyer

YCLE Director 

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy