As of today, we have received 47 completed applications with the $200 payment that is required for the application to be considered complete.  There are a total of 50 slots available this year.


We do have a number of other applications that have been received without the necessary payment and without the necessary copy of the cadet drivers or learners permit.

We also have received some payments without applications. Both of these two scenarios are not considered complete and are not included in our 47. If you know you are 

one of those posts that did one of the two noted here, then you need to get the necessary paperwork or money in asap.


I will be at Dept HQ tomorrow and Friday on other business, however, I will send a follow up email tomorrow with the Posts that fit the above two categories. Post 290 

sent in money for more than the applications that were received for example. Money does not hold a spot, completed applications and money hold a spot.


Thanks for your assistance and cooperation.

Bill Feasenmyer

YCLE Academy Director

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Update – 5/18/2016