Attention Post Commanders, Adjutants and YCLE Chairman

Attached you will find the current roster of Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Candidates that have been submitted by posts from across the Department of Virginia. As you may or may not know, to be considered as a confirmed cadet, the candidate must sign and return to the Department of VA, the Confirmation Notice. Those instructions are provided on our web page and specifically in the package that we send out to the candidates once we receive the completed application and check from the post. If your submitted candidate has an N in the 2nd column, then they have not yet complied with those instructions. We are now within 30 days from our start date and we need to know if they are still coming. Please contact your candidate to find out the status and advise them to sign and mail in the Confirmation Notice. Please let me know the status directly or if there is some issue that I may be able to help with. or 804 337-8753. Thank you for your assistance.

For God and Country,

Bill Feasenmyer, Director

2019 YCLE Cadet Roster


Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Update – May 24, 2019