To all Post Leadership,

I recently sent out an email with a list of candidates that posts had submitted and paid to attend the YCLE Academy in July that had NOT yet returned their signed confirmation letter to the Department.


I offered refunds to those that contacted their candidates to find out why and if they were planning on attending or not. We do not want any of our 50 spots to go unused. So far, only Post 146 has checked with their candidate or school and advised us of the status.

You will find below a list of 1. those who have not responded, and 2. those who we could contact by phone and they advised us they would not be attending. Other than Post 146, you should be finding out why and attempt to get a replacement so that all of our 50 spots are filled.


I thank you in advance for your support of this program and for checking into the status of those listed. Feel free to call me or reply directly if you have any questions. or 804 520-9281. Thanks.


David Walker (Post 75)

Logan Akers (Post 78)

Tiffany Freeman (Post 311)

Brandon King (Post 325)

Pierre Smith (Post 116)

Jacob Kuehn (75)

John McGiffin (215)

Jacob Davis (215)

Kimber Felton (284)



Not Going

Antonio Morales (75)

Alvin Jones (146)

Samuel Domingues (284)

Jonai Smith (5)

Jordan Strebe (5)



For God and Country,



Bill Feasenmyer

Director, YCLE Academy

Department of Virginia


Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy Update