Fellow Legion Family members,

Based on the phone calls and emails that I have received, especially over the last week or so, I know that many of you are really working hard on getting candidates for the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy supported by the Virginia State Police. This is basically just an update on where we currently stand so that you can see for yourselves what we all need to do in just a very short time. I know that Legion Families are finding it hard to find the funds for Boys and Girls State and the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy.

I also know that many of you are being very creative in finding the necessary funds and I applaud you for that effort. As of this date, we have 22 confirmed applications and checks on receipt at Department HQ. Remember that the VSP have opened up their doors a little wider than in the past and have expanded the capacity from 40 to 55. Let’s take advantage for their generosity and support and hit that mark. You can find updated info on the Department website, however, briefly we are looking for male and female cadets who will be between their junior and senior year in HS, have a learners or driving permit, and have an interest in some aspect of law enforcement. The academy starts on Sunday, June 21 with graduation on Friday, June 26.

Registration fees remain at $200. Thank you all in advance for your support of this program and for all you do to support the Four Pillars.


For God and Country,

Bill Feasenmyer


Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Academy